Q: I have just bought property in the Silverheels Ranch community. Where can I get a copy of the covenants & by-laws? I did not receive one from my real estate agent.
A: You should have received one at closing. However you can obtain a newly typed reproduced copy under documents on this site. The SROA Board of Directors provides a newly typed reproduced copy along with the official recorded documents. SROA bylaws are also available.

Q: I am planning on repainting my cabin. Do I need permission even if I am planning on using the same color?
A: Yes. The Architectural control committee needs to ensure all projects conform to the covenants. The procedure is very easy. Just download the ACC application (under "Documents") from this site. You can email the completed application to our address: ACC@silverheels.org or mail to: SROA, Attn: ACC, P.O. Box 429 Fairplay, CO 80440-0429.

Q: I have recently purchased property and am planning to build next spring. What do I need to do conform to the protective covenants?
A: You need to complete an ACC Construction Review application as soon as possible, even if you have not yet received your building permits from Park County. This way we can help you avoid any conflicts with our covenants and/or the Park County building regulations. We will approve the form as soon as your building permits are received. You can download the ACC application (under "Documents") from this site. You can email the completed application to our address: ACC@silverheels.org or mail to: SROA, Attn: ACC, P.O. Box 429 Fairplay, CO 80440-0429.

Q: Someone's cattle are on my property; they have caused some property damage. What's the deal?
A: Colorado is a fence-out state. If you have a lot bordering the BLM or National Forest, you are responsible for maintaining a lawful fence. According to SROA Covenant #9:
Fences: Fencing along BLM Land or National Forest land must be in accordance with lawful regulations. Existing boundary fences will not be removed, but may be reset to conform to staked property lines and/or be rebuilt as necessary. Tract owners purchasing tracts on the outside periphery of the subdivision agree to jointly maintain fences with adjacent owners of private property as and if necessary. All lots on the west boundary of the subdivision that have livestock or horses will be fenced by the lot owner.
If the cattle break through your fence again, be sure to call Animal Control so that the breakthrough is on the record. Also, if you are present at the time, you may want to record the incident with photos. The law goes a long way to protect the cattle owner in such issues so the more evidence you have the better.

Q: How much are Annual Dues and when are they due?
A: The annual dues assessment is $80 per year, per lot. Dues are due and payable on January 15th each year. If your dues are not paid within 30 days after the due date, the assessment shall bear interest from the date of delinquency at the rate of 12% per year.

Q: Are horses allowed in Silverheels Ranch?
A: Yes, horses are allowed in the subdivision. Covenant #8 states, "Not more than four (4) horses are allowed per lot." However, our water rights allow for the watering of only 2 horses per lot. Therefore, owners with more than 2 horses must be able to prove they are obtaining water from a source other than their well.

Q: Is there fishing in the Silverheels pond?
A: Yes, the SROA stocks both the smaller augmentation pond and the larger pond near the highway. Fishing is for SROA members, long term renters and their guests only. All SROA Members or their guests must carry an official SROA Fishing Pass at all times. For more information, go to our Documents page for the complete Fishing Policy under Informative Documents.

Q: Are off-highway vehicles, including ATVs and dirt bikes, permitted?
A: Yes, but only on your private property. Park County Regulations do not allow operation of off-highway vehicles on county maintained roads. Violators may be ticketed.

Q: When is the annual Silverheels Ranch Owners Association meeting held?
A: Article III, Section 3.4 of the Silverheels Ranch Owners Association By-Laws states, "An annual meeting of the members for the purpose of electing directors and transaction of such other matters as may properly come before the meeting shall be held on the second Saturday of September each year in a location and at a time specified by the board of directors. The date of the annual meeting may be changed by a vote of the members at the annual meeting."

Q: I am unable to attend the annual meeting and would like to vote by proxy. How can I do this?
A: Proxy ballots are sent to each property owner along with the Annual meeting notice in the summer Newsletter. The proxy ballots will identify any specific issues that will require a vote of the membership, as well as information on board of director positions up for election. There are two ways to complete your proxy ballot...

WAY #1: You can vote for people we know are running. The SROA Board of Directors will notify the members through the newsletter of all the people who have expressed an interest in running for a board position.

WAY #2: You can vote for someone who has not been nominated yet. We will ask for additional nominees at the Annual Meeting. If you would like to nominate someone else or vote for a person that someone else nominates, then you should ask a property owner you trust who will be at the meeting to do so on your behalf and give them your proxy form with the bottom section filled out ("OPTIONAL: I designate..."). They will vote for you, based on who is nominated at the meeting. Sometimes, in years past, we have had no additional nominees, so be sure to let your "designee" know what they should do if no one else is nominated.

Once you have completed your proxy form, you must deliver it to the SROA before the annual meeting by mailing it to SROA, P.O. Box 429, Fairplay, CO 80440-0429 or you can email: board@silverheels.org. Proxies must be received prior to the meeting scheduled for the second Saturday in September.


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