Silverheels Ranch Owners Association • A Private Mountain Community

About Us

About Us

Each year, on the second Saturday in September, we hold an annual meeting of property owners to elect our Board of Directors and Architectural Control Committee members and discuss any other business matters pertinent to the community. All property owners are encouraged to attend.

President - Jackie Burghardt 719-836-1948
Vice President - Rob White 719-836-4905

Secretary/Treasurer - Mike Peterson 719-836-2465

Board Member - Tom Nourse 719-836-3396
Board Member - Steve Josepho 619-888-3780
Alternate Board Member - Laura Biewick 303-808-2156

2018-2019 COMMITTEES
Architectural Control - Todd Scholl 719-836-2497
Architectural Control - Jimmy Brown 719-836-3466

Architectural Control - Allan Pederson 719-836-0852

Maintenance - Allan Pederson 719-836-0852

For questions about the community directory, contact Mike Peterson.